Saturday, September 18, 2010

New Blankets

I made two new blankets this week.  One is colorful fall leaves.  This is a very nice fall blanket.

And I made another Fly Fishing Blanket for a special award for a corporate fishing trip to Canada that is upcoming.  This year the blanket is with a brown reverse instead of red like last years blanket.

Burke Center Fall Festival

Had a very good show at the Burke Fall Festival on September 11 and 12.  Saturday weather was perfect.  Good turn out and a few sales.  And a few orders.  This is a photo of the tent and display from Saturday morning following setup.

Sunday morning did not start out well.  We had a lot of rain during Saturday night and I had to do a little straightening up of the displays and the tent when I arrived at 8:00 am. 

But I was pleasantly surprised when two members of the Burke Festival stopped by and gave me a certificate as an Honorable Mention for Best in Show!  Now that was a great surprise.   As the morning wore on it turned very nice and cleared up.

All in all it was a very good show.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Autumn Leaves Blankets

I also made two Autumn Leave blankets this past week.  I found this material with enough to make two nice blankets approximately 48 x 60.  The material is a lovely rust and red hues with gold tints and a gold colored reverse side.  These are very nice and very soft.


New Blankets Coming Now that Fall is almost here

It has been over six months since I posted here.... But the spring and summer are not a good time for fleece blankets.  Even though I sold a few and had a couple special orders, I just set aside the blankets for a while.  But now the first fall festival is a less than a month away, so I have started up making new blankets.

Over the past couple of weeks I have finished over 18 new blankets and I have four more to finish.  I have a special order for another of my fly fishing blankets.  It is a very nice blanket and I will make it the same as last year.  This blanket is used as a prize for a corporate fishing outing and it was a big hit with the winner last year.

I also made four children's blankets.  Two are with blue teddy bears with pick bow ties, and one was just the opposite, pink teddy bears with blue bow ties.  I also made a blanket with multi-colored bears with a pink reverse.


I also found some really nice Buzz Lightyear and Woody and Friends Toy Story material and I made three blankets with it.  Two with a blue reverse and one with a Tangerine Reverse.

I also completed six Snoopy and Friends blankets.  One large one and five smaller ones.  The large one had a blue reverse.  The smaller ones had three different colors of material used for the reverse.  Two were the same blue as the big blanket, two were tangerine, and one was red.

Tomorrow I will post some photos of the latest creations.  Five Ballerina blankets, all with pink reverse sides.  Very Nice.....

Saturday, February 13, 2010

New Blankets

I have not been real busy making blankets lately.  But with the recent snow storms (blizzard) here in the DC area I was able to finish a few between the bouts of shoveling snow! 

I did finish two new doggy blankets.  I made a cute blue one with a brown reverse.  I have three of these available via my website and the shophandmade website.

 l also was able to make four of the below pet blanket.  It is covered with cartoon dogs. 


I also found a real nice plaid and wanted to make a couple with it.  I used a while reverse on one and a back reverse on the other.  Here are pictures of each>

I also have a couple blankets made with Ravens material.


I also finished a couple others but will take their pictures later and post them tomorrow in a separate post.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Two Special Order Blankets

Recently I received a request to make a blanket with Labrador Retrievers on it and also a Saint Louis Cardinals blanket.  Both of these turned out very nice.  Below are a couple photos.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Special Boy Scout Fleece Blanket.

This blanket is the first of eight Boy Scout blankets I made.  The material is suppose to be a limited edition very special design of the Boy Scouts of America logo in blue over gold.  It is a striking blanket.  The reverse is done with a thick piece of navy blue anti pill fleece.  This is an excellent gift for that special boy scout in your family.  There are two photos.  One shows the blanket folded in quarters.  The second photo shows a detail of the logo over the gold background.

Six of the blankets measure approximately 48" wide by 72" long.  The perfect size for covering a twin bed and two measure approximately 48" square, a nice size for a chair or couch.

Quarter View

Detail of the design.